This is the warehouse for all of our Simple Man's Survival Guide podcast recordings. The podcast should be available inside of all podcast players, but I've also direct links to the Simple Man podcast inside of a few popular players.

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SMSG Episode 1: Feces Festival
Travis and Greg swap stories about potty training pains.

SMSG Episode 2: Baby Proofing Problems
Travis and Greg discuss the challenges of baby proofing their homes.

SMSG Episode 3: Lying to Your Children (with Tim Jones)
Travis welcomes Tim Jones from the View from the Bleachers.net humor blog to the podcast, and they explore the lies they tell their children. Tim also discusses his new book, You're Grounded for Life: Misguided Parenting Strategies that Sounded Good at the Time.

SMSG Episode 4: Bad Marriage Proposals
Travis and Greg celebrate Valentine's Day by discussing their bad marriage proposals.

SMSG Episode 5: Bad Family Vacations
Travis and Greg discuss their experiences with family vacations.

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